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Services Price List


  • New-Ceremonial Dove Release for all events provided by Wings of Love in Milford. Call 203-684-3639-Price range from $275 and up.
  • Compose and Submit Obituary to Newspaper (No charge) (Does not include cost of what the newspaper charges)
  • Arrange for a Memorial Service or Cemetery Interment $250.00
  • Arrange and Attend Memorial Service Only $400.00
  • Arrange and Attend Burial of Cremains Only $400.00
  • Arrange and Attend Memorial Service with Interment to follow, requiring lead vehicle for funeral procession to cemetery $600.00
  • Dressing and Placement of deceased (No cosmetics) No Charge
  • Apply for Veterans Benefits when applicable No Charge
  • Apply for State Welfare or Title #19 Benefits when applicable No Charge

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Family Personalizing Container

  • Personalization of Alternative Container by Family* No Charge
    *(We believe Integrity is the first to offer this concept in Connecticut, please ask our licensed staff about details and ideas) Inquire of our licensed staff about available funeral home rental or church rental options for full services, including wakes, church services or immediate burials.
Urn Selection: The purchase of an Urn/Keepsake from Integrity Cremation is not a requirement; a temporary Urn is provided and included from the crematory, which is suitable for most cemeteries for interment.

  • URN SELECTION (Complete price list will be provided) $150 to $900.00
  • CASKET SELECTION (Complete price list will be provided)$ 850.00 to $12,500.00
  • Outer Burial Containers (Complete price list will be provided) $ 995 to $5,900.00
  • Cemetery Monuments provided at the lowest prices. (ask for details)
  • Standard Mailing of Cremains (May vary) $50.00
  • Probate Fees when applicable (Average $50.00, Vary per Town)
  • Legal Scattering of Cremains on Long Island Sound by Director Only$250.00
    (May arrange a private service with family present, cost and vessel will vary)
  • Basic Acknowledgement Cards 25 per box $10.00
  • Prayer Card per hundred $90.00
  • Lamination per card $1.00
  • Standard Register Books $45.00
  • Additional Professional Services of the Funeral Directors and Staff: $150.00 (per hour)*

* This is a charge determined by the funeral home management, per hour, based on the amount of work and time relative in handling special minimum service requests or any additional time and/or service requested which may be held in conjunction with other services provided. These additional services may include: additional time related to; out of state interments, scattering of ashes, disinterment’s, service requests related to organ donation or body donation including handling final disposition of donated remains, picking up caskets or alternative container provided by the purchaser, and any other service requests involving additional time of our staff that are not listed in this General Price List. This does not include any outside charges for automotive equipment that may be used, cemetery expenses, vault company expenses, special permit expenses, or any other added expenses that may be incurred.

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